Hearing Protection

For people who live or work in a noisy environment, hearing protection is vital. Hearing damage can occur at surprisingly low levels of sound intensity. Individuals who experience loud noises on a daily basis may need more than just standard ear plugs to make it through the day.

If you’re looking for ear protection in Santa Monica, look no further than Arcade Hearing Aid Center. Our offices provide a full range of audiologic services, from hearing evaluations to hearing aid sales. We can fit you with custom hearing protection for all situations, as well as custom iPod molds and ear plugs for sleeping.

Occupational Safety

There are a number of jobs where loud noises are always present, including:

  • Airport workers
  • Construction
  • Law enforcement
  • Factory environments
  • Musicians

If your job requires you to be exposed to high volume levels, let the experts at Arcade Hearing Aid Center fit you with hearing protection that’s customized specifically to your needs. That way, you can be sure you protect your hearing as effectively as possible.

Recreational Activities

Several recreational activities can frequently expose you to loud noises, and it’s just as important to protect your hearing when you’re off the clock! Activities like hunting and shooting can expose you to sounds over 150 decibels, and that can quickly cause hearing damage, which could be permanent.

Whether you’re in the woods hunting or in the studio playing music with your band, custom hearing protection can help you protect your hearing for the long term. For musicians, Arcade Hearing Aid Center even provides audio monitors.

Whether for work or play, Arcade Hearing Aid Center has you covered when it comes to hearing protection in Santa Monica. Contact us today!

Surfing & Swimming

One of the most overlooked activities that can damage your hearing doesn’t actually have much to do with sound at all. Swimming and surfing can both pose short- and long-term risks to your hearing, thanks to prolonged exposure to water in your ear canal.

When you spend time in the water, it can flow in and out of your ear canal, and that can lead to problems like swimmer’s ear, a relatively common bacterial infection resulting from a moist environment.

A similar condition affects surfers, who can develop “surfer’s ear.” In this condition, cold ocean water and exposure to wind causes excess bone growth inside your ear. This extra bone causes your ear canal to narrow – potentially blocking it completely.

By wearing ear plugs while swimming or surfing, you can keep water from getting into your ear canal, potentially saving you from long-term damage associated with extended exposure to water. At Arcade Hearing Aid Center, we can provide you with comfortable, custom-fit swimming and surfing ear plugs.


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